Since the beginning of time the history of mankind has demonstrated that with every birth we re-enter the natural cycle of a continuous process of growing and maturing. Our collective human mind interprets this natural process, accepting it and unconsciously adopting a mental programming which states that from the moment we are born we start to grow old, then older and older and finally die. All our birthday celebrations are just another reminder of how old we are becoming with each chronological year passing by.
Our individual genetic makeup manifests that collective mental programming which continues to be so strongly entrenched and maintained in our belief systems. As a result, our thoughts about ageing influence our emotions, physiology and behavioural patterns and at a certain stage in our chronological age advancement, we start displaying the various maturing signs and symptoms we call ‘ageing’.

Rejuvenatural is a transformational Anti-Ageing program for Body and Mind.

The program is based on scientific resources and spiritual wisdom stating that:
  • It is definitely possible to control the progression of our ‘ageing’ process, delaying and even reversing many of our biological and psychological signs and symptoms.
  • All human beings are gifted with a natural inner power of physical and spiritual renewal, regeneration and rejuvenation and with the intelligence and ability to connect and manifest this power.
  • We were all born in the likeness of God the Creator and in our true core essence we are eternal, immortal, timeless and ageless.

The book of ‘Natural Facelift, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind’

This is a compilation of many natural methods and techniques dedicated to people who are willing to learn and practise how to maintain or improve their health and youthful appearance in natural ways only. I wrote and illustrated the first draft of this book in South Africa in the year 1989. Although some parts are unchanged since that time, this book has the quality of a wise living creature continually growing in beauty and knowledge while still keeping its simple practicality.
All coursework learned and practised in the workshops is based on the material written in my book and more informational material inspired by the book will be published on the Rejuvenatural pages.


  • Men, women, the young, the mature and the very very mature, anybody who truly desires to have an understanding and a sense of control over the ‘ageing’ process.
  • Anybody who is concerned about ‘ageing’ and genuinely wants to know how to cope with any negative thoughts and feelings experienced with each new advancement of the chronological age.
  • Anyone who wants to know how to feel happy and have peace of mind at any chronological age.
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to practise only natural methods and techniques for preventing, slowing down and erasing ‘ageing’ signs and symptoms.
  • Anybody who wants to save money on expensive cosmetic products and avoid the temporary fix of painful cosmetic procedures.


When we set out to achieve anything in life it is as if we embark on a non-stop journey towards getting what we want. If your true desire is to experience your biological age feeling youthful and ageless, while your chronological age is progressing towards maturity, then what you can do is take the first step by learning and practising Rejuvenatural - your only really permanent beauty, health and happiness insurance.


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Rejuvenatural website was created to inspire, encourage, teach and guide you to connect with your natural inner born power of healing, renewal and rejuvenation; helping you to delay, prevent and even reverse your biological ageing signs and symptoms by maintaining and improving your beauty, vitality, creativity, health and happiness.


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