Mira Bucur-BarHello! My name is Mira Bucur-Bar and I am a therapist and teacher living and working in London, UK. This is a warm invitation to all of my friends from all over the globe to visit my Rejuvenatural website (created by a wonderful web/graphic designer Maritta at Pebbles Net Studio). Thanks to this modern technology I now have the opportunity to share with you, my new friends, the Art of Happiness, how to create and live a happy, healthy and balanced life using natural methods and spiritual wisdom.

I used to be an Art Teacher and it has taken me many years of study and many personal experiences before I was ready to become a teacher of the Art of Happiness. My interest in natural methods of caring for body and mind started from an early age. I had the privilege of seeing my mother and grandmother using plant based remedies for treating various symptoms and home made natural recipes for body and facial care. I heard my mother saying over and over again that I should forgive myself for my mistakes, learn my lessons and try to do better next time. Because there will always be a next time as long as you are in this life. But the most important message she ever gave me, and still does at her young age of 95, is that in everything ‘bad’ must be something ‘good’. With those words accompanying all the inevitable ups and downs of my life – mostly in my relationships - I decided to start my own journey into discovering the mighty power of my mind and how positive thinking can help me to see only good in everything.

I wanted to understand the secrets of the universal laws governing our lives and relationships and on a more mundane level to gather and use simple mental and physical self-help methods to successfully resolve all the stressful problems life might throw at me. I was striving to understand the emotional connection between Body and Mind and the deeper working of the Law of Attraction in the process of healing. But most of all I was interested in eliminating my fear of loss and endings of all sorts and replacing them with feeling continuously healthy, eternally young and unconditionally happy.

Mira Bucur-BarMy wish for knowledge was finally granted about 25 years ago. I had been experiencing a fear of crossing bridges for some time when one day in London, looking out over the river towards Tower Bridge, suddenly the bridge revealed itself to be a symbol - a powerful tool for transforming my experience of living from negative to positive. From that moment on my real transformational journey through this lifetime started to unfold clearly, wisely, orderly and systematically leading me towards the fulfilment of all my true desires and wishes.

The years that have passed since then have been dedicated to perfecting the bridge symbol and turning it into a comprehensive psycho-visual body-mind counselling method and a mental, emotional, physical and spiritually renewing self-help system and it is called the Rejuvenatural Bridge.

It took me several more years to create the Facegym and the Roll on All body and face massage method. In order to get the official credentials I needed to treat clients in private sessions and live events I attended and graduated from the South African School for Total Health and the London School of Eclectic Therapies.

logos Gold Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’ method for uncovering and restructuring the negative beliefs which sabotage our physical and emotional well being and success in life. The Gold method can be a very efficient mental ‘self-counselling’ tool, using graphics, a questionnaire and relaxation as a comprehensive package for positive transformation. Psychotherapy, Counselling and Analytical Hypnotherapy use eclectic methods and techniques. Client and therapist work towards the healing of emotional and behavioural symptoms through the discovery and elimination of causes. Stress Management trains the client to cope with stress. The client is guided to discover and uproot the thoughts causing the stress. The sessions include learning positive thinking and practical Life Management Strategies.

At the young age of 59 I became happily married to my soulmate husband, Octavian. My two lovely artist daughters, Linda Saskia and Sigalit, from previous marriages, were joined together with four more brothers and sisters and their respective families and we now live a beautiful extended family life together.

I believe that life is a game and living it happily is an art. This is the Art of Happiness and sharing this art with you is what the Rejuvenatural website is all about. Please keep visiting… Thank you.

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