natural bodycare treatments and practicesWHAT IS BODYCARE?

Bodycare is an Anti-Ageing routine of natural treatments and practices aimed to the prevention of ageing signs on the skin and body and for the maintenance and improvement of a healthy, youthful and energetic body.

Although nothing can fully erase all ageing signs and symptoms once they have started to affect our body and skin, the regular and correct practice of preventative and rejuvenating Bodycare methods and techniques can provide you with a free, lifelong Anti-Ageing insurance. Once learned, the knowledge of natural self-renewal, rejuvenation, beautification and healing is yours to keep and to enjoy the benefits, forever.

The Bodycare methods and body-mind advice shown on this page and taught in the Rejuvenatural workshops are based on my book ‘Natural Facelift, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind’ which I wrote in South Africa in 1989.


The ageing of the skin and the body is a symptom which like any other symptom is a manifestation or result of the way we are thinking, feeling and behaving. All symptoms contain precious information about our mental, emotional, behavioural and spiritual state, trying to awaken our desire to pay attention to who we really are, what is happening in our bodies and how we manage our lives. If we really listen to our body we get clear and straightforward hints and ideas of what we need to do in order to restore our health and happiness

Whatever the symptom, whether this is lines on our face, dry skin or back pain, the root cause is always found in the energetic imbalance occurring between the many aspects that that makes us a human being. The primordial cause for the ageing of our body and skin goes back as far as the biblical times and it is mentally and physically manifested from one generation to another.

Bodycare takes into consideration the multiple body-mind causes for ageing and the ways they affect our appearance, skin, posture, muscles, and general well being. It works based on an approach called ’Minding the Body’ in which all physical methods for the body and skin’s restoration, regeneration, revitalisation and rejuvenation are controlled by the power of the mind and the wisdom of intuition.

It is nowadays known and readily accepted that we were born with the birthright to be happy and healthy and with the ability to heal ourselves if unhappy or sick. How about complementing this statement, accepting the idea that we were born with the birthright to feel and act young forever and with the ability to prevent and even reverse the ageing process by continuously renewing and rejuvenating our body.


  • A youthful appearance and vitality.
  • Feeling confident and in control about your health and beauty.
  • A firm, smooth, glowing skin.
  • Pleasure and satisfaction in preparing your own beauty and health products and remedies and saving money too.
  • Feeling fit, flexible, strong, well balanced between relaxation and action.
  • Better posture.
  • A warm, loving and compassionate relationship with your own body.
  • Knowledge and ability to uncover the causes of symptoms and help yourself to heal.
  • Being in touch with feelings and bodily sensations.


Anybody, regardless of chronological age who is ready and willing to take responsibility and an active attitude in dedicating time and effort for the purpose of maintaining and improving health and the youthful appearance of body and skin.


You will feel more relaxed, young, in control and optimistic immediately after starting Bodycare. After about three weeks of regularly and correctly practising Bodycare, you and your friends will be able to see noticeable results, such as:
  • Your face looking younger and your skin revitalised and glowing.
  • You stand and walk with ease, all your back and shoulder muscles relaxed.
  • The lines on your face less visible.
  • You are saving money by preparing your own beauty products.


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1. Roll On All Body and Face Massage and Self-Help Technique

body and face massageWhat is the ‘Roll on All’?

A body and face massage method that will help you relax and ease stress related muscular aches and pain – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

How does it work?

You are guided and trained in the use of various sizes of rubber balls and other related equipment. The balls can be rolled by yourself or with the assistance of somebody else while you are sitting, standing or lying in a comfortable position, fully clothed. The self-therapy is complemented with healing visualisations.

What are the benefits?

  • Balancing, energising and harmonising the body, mind and emotions.
  • Easing muscular tension, spasm and stiffness.
  • Relieving headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pains.
  • Increasing vitality and stamina.
  • Regulating fluid circulation and elimination of toxins.
  • Correcting and improving your posture.

become a certified massage therapistThe ‘Roll on All’ self-help technique can be used independently but practised as a complement to Facegym and other Bodycare methods.
You can train in Mira’s ‘Roll on All’ to become a certified massage therapist and self-help coach. Please see the Live Events page.

2. Bath Exercises

Exercising in the bathtub is a very efficient method for strengthening and firming the muscles of your body. The combination of water and movement helps you re-energise and re-balance your vital energy centres (chakras) and lines (meridians), improving the body’s fluid circulation and elimination of toxins. You can practise the exercises any time you are having a bath or in addition to your Rejuvenatural spa. If your bathtub is large, please use a matt inside the tub for additional comfort and to prevent slipping.

  1. bath exerciseRaise your body by support it on the forearms. Outstretch your legs, resting on the heels. The body will form a diagonal line. From this position take a deep breath and pull in the muscles of your stomach. Hold for a few seconds. Exhale, relax the muscles and slide back into the water. Repeat 3 times.
  2. bath exerciseLying on your stomach, hold on to the bathtub in front of you. Slide forwards, flexing the legs and then slide backwards stretching the legs. The sliding must be slow, smooth and continue for 6 times.
  3. bath exerciseLying on your back, support your body on your forearms. Stretch and relax your feet 6 times. Then lift your feet a little, high enough to move them in a circular motion, 6 times clockwise, 6 times anticlockwise.
  4. bath exerciseLying on your back, support your body on your forearms. Bring your knee up close to the chest. You can help the movements with your hands. Repeat 6 times for each leg.

3. Natural Treatments For Your Skin And Body - Rejuvenatural Spa

natural bath treatments for skin and bodyThe ‘Fountain of Youth’ bath can work for you like a proper spa. The aim of the Rejuvenatural spa is to relax your mind, re-energise your body and revitalise your skin giving it a fresh, smooth youthful appearance.

It is advisable to have a quick shower before your bath beauty treatment. Finish the shower by pouring a solution of lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar over yourself. This will restore your skin's PH balance. Let your skin dry naturally.

One of my favourite ways to enjoy The ‘Fountain of Youth’ bath and get a better balance between the inner and outer body, is to eat a small healthy snack and drink a warm beverage whilst in the bath. This additional treat to my Spa makes sure I remain alert and am able to enjoy each minute of the bathing experience. You can use your own imagination to make the Rejuvenatural Spa a very pleasant and beneficial experience.

Milk and honey bath:
Mix 500ml (or 1 cupful) of powdered milk with a spoonful of sweet almond oil and a spoonful of clear honey. Add the mixture to your bath water. Get in, and soak for about 15 min.

Skin softening buttermilk and salt bath:
Fill the bathtub to half way with warm water and add the following ingredients:
1 cup buttermilk
4 tablespoons Epsom salt
2 tablespoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons weatgerm oil
Fill the rest of the tub and soak for a luxurious 20 minutes.

4. Food Combination For Health

food combination for healthFood combination is the art of combining the ingredients of the food we are eating, in a healthy and aesthetically pleasant manner. Our general health, bodily vigour, vitality and youthful appearance depend tremendously not only on what we eat, how much and when, but also on how we combine the ingredients we eat. The ancient Ayurvedic way of eating and the very famous Hay food compatibility system both emphasise not combining carbohydrates with proteins at the same meal. This system of eating is still very popular and has given spectacular results for people who wanted to lose weight, cure various physical symptoms and ailments and maintain or improve their youthful appearance. Rejuvenatural incorporates the values and benefits of this way of eating.