All bridges are symbols of life. Walking back and forth on a bridge is a metaphor of our journeys through life. I created a picture representing bridges, as a psycho-visual, intellectual and spiritual Counselling and Self–Help Tool. The picture is called The Rejuvenatural Bridge or in short, The Bridge.

The Rejuvenatural Bridge’s multipurpose function is a visual and practical transformational tool for change which is called the Bridge System. This is a modern 21st century ‘all in one’ clearly organised, systematic method for transforming any form of unhappiness into happiness, through changing the patterns of thinking, speaking and acting, from negative to positive.

The Bridge has two levels: one relates more to our physical, intellectual and spiritual development, the other relates to our advancement in understanding life’s deeper meanings and mysteries.

rejuvenatural brigde - counselling and self-help too
The Bridge System practicals consists of:
  • The Bridge Life Management three step Action Plan - the trinity symbolised by the Three Ladies on the bridge.
  • The Bridge Life/Self Management Methods and Techniques - symbolised by the Path below the bridge and through the B point in the middle.
  • The Truth – symbolised by ‘100% Light’.


The Bridge System is suitable to anyone having a true desire for change. The Rejuvenatural Bridge has helped hundreds of people find lasting solutions for all negative thinking and stress related physical, emotional and behavioural problems. The Bridge System is unique in the world, a real gift for ‘seekers’ wanting to know the secrets of the Art of Living, a balanced, happy, creative relationship with oneself, others and Divinity.

Crossing the Rejuvenatural Bridge, visually and physically whilst keeping our mind and actions firmly focused on our true wishes and desires can be an extraordinary journey of self-knowing, renewal and rejuvenation.


I developed the Bridge System during 20 years in which it was continuously growing and evolving toward its actual content of wisdom and methodology of applications. All psychotherapeutic and spiritual ideas, practical methods and techniques included in the Bridge System were designed based on lessons I personally learned throughout my own life and from experience as a therapist and conclusions from research into our human psychological, physical and spiritual operational system.

I first used The Bridge as a self-help tool for sorting out my own life. I am now teaching the Bridge System in workshops and in my counselling practice, helping clients in one to one sessions. Training in the Bridge Self-Management methods and techniques provides clients interested in self-help, with a lifelong ability to resolve any problem at any time and any situation.


Any present, past or future situation which is, was or might not be to our liking, can make us feel unhappy and partially or totally out of control in our lives. We call this stress and nowadays it is considered the main ageing factor. While stress can be experienced as a positive energy, pushing us towards many achievements, however negative stress such as fear, anxiety, worry and reactive behaviour, can be harmful to our well being. For many of us stress becomes materialised into a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

The true cause for feeling stressed has nothing to do with other people or certain life situations. It has to do with our own thinking. We tend to approach life with preconceived ideas of how ourselves and other people should be and behave. We expect, demand and struggle to make our life and everybody around us conform to our expectations and demands. Wrongful patterns of thinking and behaving endanger our health and dramatically lower the quality of our life. This creates havoc in our relationships and social life, shatter our home life and endanger our business or position at workplace.

Great people and awesome businesses have suffered and even collapsed because the complexity and consequences of people’s negative thinking and acting could not be clearly understood. As a result of that, it would be impossible to find lasting peace of mind and happiness.

self-help toolDuring a huge flood, Mr Smith has found refuge on the roof of his house. He started to pray to God, asking for help. Soon his friends, then a boat and finally a helicopter arrived one after the other offering their help. But Mr. Smith sent then away saying that God will save him. Well, he drowned, went to Heaven and rushed to meet God for asking him: God, why didn’t you save me? God replied: I’ve sent your friends, a boat and a helicopter to rescue you. What else could I do?


  • The transformational ideas and practical methods and techniques included in the Bridge System rest firmly on the grounds of how the Universal Truth, the Divine Cosmic Structure and Life System function.
  • The Bridge System respects the natural physical and social laws governing our life.
  • The Life Management Methods and Techniques work as one multi-purpose, multi-level system and functions exactly like the Body-Mind-Soul, working also as one multi-purpose, multi-level system.
  • The clearly ordered 3 steps Bridge Life Management Action Plan resonates in total harmony with the trinity aspect that characterise our existence.

We know the Bridge System is working because we are still on the bridge of our life, very much alive and kicking.


  • The Almighty Creator of everything designed our life journeys with 100% Happiness included and infinite opportunities to find that happiness. Based on this, we can be sure that the Happiness already exists somehow and somewhere in our life. It is guaranteed that if we really want it, we can get it.
  • We all have felt happy sometimes, proving that happiness does exist. If we keep looking for it, we can find it again and even keep it.

Life is like a game of ‘hide and seek’, where happiness appears to be hidden and we experience great pain and pleasure in finding it. If you need some help, wishing to know/remember where the true Happiness is the Rejuvenatural Bridge will take you there.


Everything in life is based on the dynamic between two forces/opposite poles, called negative and positive, originating from the primordial Divine Creation of Darkness and Light. The Bridge System recognises these two forces.

We experience the two forces as good and bad, day and night, fear and courage, love and hate, rich and poor, egoism and altruism, weakness and strength, reactive and proactive, illness and health, unhappiness and happiness, stress and peace, cause and effect, birth and death, problem and solution, etc.

In nature, Light and Darkness coexist peacefully and function harmoniously thanks to the Divine Cosmic System enabling the gradual transformation of one into the other. Our life only appears complicated and we feel out of control, stressed and confused, because we fail to recognise and trace back the causes of our problems as simply originating from either Light or Darkness.

During our entire life journeys, we walk The Bridge in both directions, physically and emotionally experiencing being at one end or the other, but mostly in between, trying to pacify the two opposite forces and their infinite forms of manifestation.

Experiencing total health and happiness depends on how well can we write and re-write the script of our life story, then direct and manage our movie successfully.


emotional darknessemotional light Transforming Darkness into Light. The Bridge System can help sorting out all your stress related, physical, emotional and behavioural problems by considering any negative issue, as a challenge which can be shifted into becoming an good opportunity for change, renewal and rejuvenation.

The Bridge Counselling and training in Self-Help methods and technique can help you transform your negative thinking and reactive speaking and acting into positive thinking and proactive speaking and acting.

You can learn and practice how to choose what’s best for your life and the lives of your loved ones. How to take the wisest decisions in order for you to find peace of mind and how to develop the ability to be happy at any time in any situation.

How to rejuvenate your body and face, while contining to grow and evolve into loving, sharing and caring being of Light.

The decisions, choices, transformational and changing processes are worked out in the context of the ‘big picture’ of your life story and everything and everybody related, ensuring that nothing is missed.


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1. The Bridge Life/Self Management Action Plan

  • What it is that you do not want in your life, stating the problem.
  • What it is that you do want in your life, claiming your peace of mind, health and happiness.
  • What to do to transform or change what you do not want into what you do want, deciding the action plan.

2. The Bridge Life/Self Management Methods and Techniques - learning and practising

  • Mending the Mind - the belief system, how you think, how it works.
  • The Rejuvenatural Bridge - the Transformer tool.
  • Acting by Choice - the dynamics of decisions.
  • The ‘About’-Self Assessment Questioning Kit - knowing yourself.
  • Scale of Options for change and balance - to measure your problem.
  • Process for transformation and change - who, what, when, how, how much?
  • Formulas - solving your problems, mending the outcome.
  • Give-Get Communication - soulmates, partners and the Divine partner.
  • Body-Mind Connection – for total health and healing.
  • Rejuvenation – the youthful belief system.

3. The Truth

  • Conscious living - secrets of life, love and the universe.
  • The Art of Living - who you are, where are you coming from, why are you here, where are you going.
  • The mystery of the B point on the Rejuvenatural Bridge - the point of balance and new beginning.
  • The Rejuvenatural Garden - re-creating your life story.
  • True Happiness - living in the Light.
Jenny’s story:

client case 1I needed to sort out a very peculiar issue. My husband had a habit that really bothered me a lot, instead of coming home immediately after work he would stop at the pub, have a drink or two, and then come home. Never drunk, generally in good mood, yet I was furious every time. I said to him nicely to come directly home but because he would not conform my demands, I started to apply all kind of strategies, from sulking, to little punishments. But lately, I could not stop myself from yelling and threatening that if he is not changing, I will do something drastic. He did not take my threat seriously, but I noticed that he was now cooler towards me, saying that I have to change! Who needs to change? Who’s right? The pub issue turned into another issue, apparently some battle of our egos, said Mira. My sessions were now focused on me not on my husband and his behaviour.. Mira guided me though a systematic searching about my reasons of why was his habit bothering me so much, why I was getting so upset? I was so surprised to discover that the cause of all causes was FEAR! All sorts of insecurities, all to do with WHAT IF’S? Movies in my head, about possible infidelities going far, far in my imagination. The action plan included many of the methods Mira uses making sure that the specific method I needed for sorting out my problem will be perfectly well understood and followed through for maximum results. Mira says that my duty is to always my best to obtain what I want, but if I don’t get it, there is always another choice for a positive outcome, another solution which can make me happy. Something to do with a new attitude and new agreements... I followed all steps of the Formula for Communication, practising how I will ask my husband the same thing as before, but saying honestly how I feel and why. I did it and it was a revelation, by the end of our conversation and endless reassurance of his love, he explained to me why he feels the need to go straight to the pub. After that, I realised, I better let him continue with his habit, but changing some parts of it. We agreed that I will join him once in week, meeting him there, sort of a date! He also said , will try come straight home once a week, leaving the stress of the work somewhere else then in the pub. In the end, it was not the agreement that counted so much, it was the new chapter in knowing our self and each other better. A renewal of our love I would say. The Formula of Communication is now mine to use it: other people, other issues, it’s a gift.