rejuvenating facial exercisesWHAT IS FACEGYM?

Facegym is an Anti-Ageing facial workout routine consisting of basic and advanced facial exercises and shiatsu for face and neck. It works on the muscles of your face and neck, exactly as regular gym works for your body; strengthening, firming and toning the muscles and keeping you fit, healthy and feeling and looking young. Facegym is the only truly natural face lifting method that can provide you with a low-cost, pain-free, permanently youthful appearance.

The facial exercises and Shiatsu shown on this page and taught in the Rejuvenatural workshops are based on my book ‘Natural Facelift, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind’ which I wrote in South Africa in 1989.


At a certain age our face starts to show lines and wrinkles, our skin looses lustre and moisture and our facial muscles become weak and less toned. Although nothing can fully erase all deep lines and wrinkles once they have affected our face and neck, practising Facegym and natural skin care can provide us with all the benefits of a truly ever lasting anti-wrinkle solution and rejuvenation.


  • A low-cost, pain-free, natural mini-facelift.
  • Permanent, noticeable results in a very short time.
  • Preventing the appearance of lines and wrinkles or slowing down their progression.
  • Firming and tightening of all facial and neck muscles.
  • Toning the skin from inside out.
  • Enjoyable method for renewing and maintaining your youthful look.
  • Increased energy flow and detoxification of the entire body.
  • Short and easy routine of your own choice, can be practised discretely, at all times in all places.
  • Saving money by preparing your own home made cosmetic creams, spas and treatments.


The Rejuvenatural Facegym is for those who want to prevent or delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles and for those who want to smooth and eradicate existing lines and wrinkles. The Facegym is especially beneficial for anybody who is thinking of or is already losing weight.


You will feel your facial and neck muscles firming and tightening just days after starting Facegym. After about 3 weeks practising regularly and correctly, you should be pleased with many visible results:
  • Your face looks younger and fresher, your skin moist and glowing.
  • Eyes open and sparkling.
  • The muscles of your face feel tighter and firmer.
  • Lines on your face and neck less visible.
  • Improved, upright posture; confidence in making a good impression.


  • Keep visiting this Facegym page for instructions and advice for the correct practice of the facial workout routine. New facial exercises which will be added regularly.
  • Come to a free Facegym introductory class.
  • Attend Mira’s Rejuvenatural workshops, including Facegym, Bodycare and The Rejuvenatural Bridge.
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  • Start with a desire to have a permanently youthful, healthy and happy appearance.
  • Look in the mirror to view your face and neck clearly.
  • Decide which lines and wrinkles you want to smooth away or erase and which part of the contour of your face you want to correct and beautify.

Read the instruction for the facial exercises shown below and try practising them. Experience the feelings in your facial muscles. Please watch the related videos. Practise at least 15 minutes, preferable in the morning or at any time you have an opportunity.

Choose the exercises most appropriate to your face and neck and the results you wish to achieve.


The warm up exercises should be performed at the beginning of each exercising session. Skin needs to be slightly oiled or creamed. After each exercise the neck and face should go back to the initial position in reverse order of the going out of order. All counting are mental or/and using your fingers. Perform all present facegym exercises correctly with trust and enthusiasm. Enjoy the results.


The warm up exercises should be performed at the beginning of each exercising session.

facial exercise - basic tightener

1. Basic Tightener

Inhale while you open your mouth to an ‘O’ shape. Exhale and smile up while you count to 5. Hold in the extreme position for a count of 10, breathing through your nose. Release slowly.
Repeat counting to 10 when you smile up. Hold the extreme position for a count of 20, breathing through your nose. Release slowly.
facial exercise - side grimace

2. Side Grimace

Inhale while you open your mouth widely, with lips covering the teeth. Exhale while you pull your mouth one sideway, starting with the right, while counting to 5. Hold the extreme position to a count of 10. Pull back your mouth to the middle position and repeat the exercise, inhaling, counting and pulling your mouth towards left.
Repeat the entire exercise counting to 10 while pulling your mouth towards both sideways and counting to 10 while holding on the extreme position.


facial exercise - neck streches

1. Neck Streches

A) Tense the muscles of the neck and bend your head to the left. Hold for a count of 5. Go back to the starting position. Keep the muscles tensed and bend your head to the right. Go back to middle then bend backwards and finally towards the chest. Hold each position for a count of 5. Return to the starting position and repeat 3 times.
B) Start turning your head to the right, looking over your right shoulder pushing it slightly towards the back. In this position open and close your mouth 5 times. Go back to the middle and repeat the head turning toward the left. After returning to the middle drop your head towards your chest. Then rotate your head twice to the right and twice to the left.
facial exercise - the kiss

2. The Kiss

Bend your head back so that your face is parallel with the ceiling. Inhale and pucker the lips while counting to 5. Hold the extreme kissing position to a count of 10. Release slowly the lips and bring back the head to the starting position.
Repeat 3 times.


facial exercise - eliminating double chin

1. Eliminating A Double Chin

Overlap the fingers of the hands and place them under the chin. Push the head down against the back of the fingers resisting the push as much as you can. Count mentally to 10 while you keep pushing. Relax.
Repeat 3 times.
facial exercise - under chin tightener

2. Strengthening And Thightening The Muscles Under The Chin

Bend the head backwards and tense the muscles under the chin. Start pinching the area under the chin with the thumb, the forefinger and the middle finger. Feel that you are sqeezing the skin together with the underlying muscles. Continue to pinch the whole area until it feels warm and the skin is red.
Repeat the entire massage 6 times.


facial exercise - laughter line eliminator

1. Laughter Line Eliminator

Position your forefinger on the tip of your nose. Inhale while opening your mouth. As you exhale push down the upper lip while counting to 5. Hold the position for a count of 10 breathing through the nose. Release slowly.
Repeat 3 times counting to 20 on hold.
facial exercise - muscles tightener

2. All Facial Muscles Tightener

Take a deep breath while opening the mouth as wide as you can. Cover the teeth with the lips. Exhale while slowly forming the shape of a small 'O'. Hold in this extreme position to a count of 5. Release slowly while closing the mouth. Relax.
Repeat 3 times.


facial exercise - strenghtening eye muscles

1. Strenghtening The Muscles Of The Eyes

Close your eyes and lift the eyebrows as high as you can. Hold to a count of 10 while feeling the strech of the eyelids. Release slowly.
Repeat 6 times.
facial exercise - lifting eyebrows and eyelids

2. Lifting Eyebrows And Eyelids

Place all 4 fingers of each hand under the eyebrows. Push the eyebrows up firmly with the fingers. Attempt to close your eyes very slowly against the pressure. Resist the closing while you count to 4. Release the eyebrows slowly.
Repeat 6 times.


facial exercise - smoothing the corrugators muscle

1. Smoothing The Corrugators Muscle

In this exercise use the forefinger and middle fingers one hand or the forefingers of both hands. Press the fingers against the corrugators muscle (between the eyebrows). Pull your fingers apart horizontally while streching the muscle. Press the muscle 6-8 times. Repeat the exercise this time pulling the fingers apart vertically.
Repeat the entire massage 6 times.
facial exercise - temporals muscles development

2. Temporals Muscles Development

Place the forefingers of each hand on the muscles of the temples. Apply a firm pressure, clench your teethes, tense up all the muscles of the face and start massaging the temporal muscles using an outwards motion. Make at least 10-15 circles.
Repeat the entire massage 6 times.


Shiatsu is not only beneficial for looking good it is especially healthy as well. Shiatsu teaches you how to press the neck and face acupressure points to release negative emotions and facilitate the general bodily regeneration and revitalisation.

1. Shiatsu Acupressure Points For Mouth

shiatsu acupressure points for mouth

2. Shiatsu Acupressure Points For Cheeks

shiatsu acupressure points for cheeks