www.saskia.ro - Bronze Kabbalah Art Gallery Linda Saskia is a divine-inspired artist. She is very well known all over Europe thanks to many personal and collective art exhibitions. Her sculptures are beautifully and naturally blending into the Rejuvenatural Garden’s landscapes.

YouTube(Octavianbb) Beautiful videos of the Rejuvenatural garden and Mira’s facial exercises.
  • The Rejuvenatural Garden
  • The Rejuvenatural Garden with spiritual Kabbalistic sculptures
  • In the spotlight - a beauty queen in making
YouTube(Lindasakia) - The artist and her work
  • Persona
  • 72 names of Kabbalah
  • Metamorphosis - the making of Mathusalem
  • The Passion-action sculpture

YouTube(Love Revue) - Release Art and Music, Love and Creation, husband and wife. Give and Get ONE!

www.mysticalarts.co.uk - Exhibitions More divine-inspired paintings from Sigalit M Hart.

www.tobiarava.com The Venetian Artist who can change the way we see the world.